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At Roof Co, we have a team of roof specialists who have decades combined experience of repairing, replacing, and restoring roofs. This means that we are confident in offering our customers the best quality of service and next to none workmanship to the Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and surrounding areas.

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We provide a large variety of other roof services. You can engage us for each of these services individually, or add them onto our other services like roof repairs or roof maintenance.

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We Provide A Range Of Other Services For Your Roof Needs


Gutter Cleaning

Keep your roof healthy and in tip top condition with our gutter cleaning service. By keeping your gutters clear and clean, you can encourage drainage on your roof, preventing leaks and issues.


Leaf Guard Protection

Leaf Guard protectionsystems ensure water travels through your gutters and valleys without the hassle of build up debris, this ensures good drainage for your home, valleys, gutters and downpipes.


Gutter Repairs & Replacement

Your gutters are essential to the health of your roof. Keep these in excellent condition by having them inspected, repaired, or replaced.


Roof Replacement

Whether it’s for the health of your home or to increase the resale value of your property, a roof replacement become a refreshing touch to an older home. Get in touch with one of our roof replacement experts.


Downpipe Installation & Replacement

Downpipes are essential to the drainage and functioning of your roof and gutter systems. We’re able to replace, repair, and install downpipes for homes and businesses.


Skylight Replacements & Installations

Skylights are such an amazing way to let natural light into dark homes. We install, replace, and repair skylights for homes and businesses.


Thermal Infrared Imaging

With great technology comes great ways to help locate the most difficult of roof leaks, get in contact today to book your thermal imaging inspection & report.


Overflows and Outlets

Overflows and Outlets can be a simple but effective way to reduce the risk of flooding into your roof cavities after a heavy downpour, safeguard your home and ask our friendly team about our services


Rebedding, Repointing, & Reclipping of Tiles

Our tiling team is equipped and ready to tackle all your tiling needs, from changing a broken tile to rebedding your mortar we have you covered.



If you’re in need of sealing your property we are the team to get the job done. Your technician delivers only the best quality of workmanship when it comes to sealing your home.

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