Reasons Why You Should Install A Metal Roof In Brisbane

Look around and you will see many homes and businesses that have metal roofs installed in Queensland. There is a good reason why metal roofing is so popular in SEQ – it is aesthetically pleasing, it is affordable, it is easy to maintain and is long-lasting. As professional roofers we work with many roof types and we have found that metal roofs to have the fewest issues with leaking and general wear and tear. Read on to find out the benefits of installing a metal roof on your property.

Durability Of Metal Roofing

We know that metal is a strong and durable material to work with. Its durability makes it the perfect material for a roof as not only will last upwards from 40 to 70 years but will need minimum maintenance. The warranties for metal roofs are generally reflective of their durability giving the home or business owner peace of mind that their investment is protected. This is one of the major benefits of metal roofs.

Fire Resistant Metal Roofs

Metal is superior to some other roof types in that it will stand up against damage from fire. According to Bridgersteel:

‘While metal roofs do provide exceptional protection against fires, they are not 100% fireproof. Metal roofs are actually fire-resistant, but only up to a certain degree. Most metal roofing is considered to be Assembly-Rated Class A, meaning the covering and underlying materials provide additional fire protection.

Living in Australia and especially in a high risk of bushfire areas, installing a roof that is fire resistant is sensible as it will give your home or business that added bit of protection from major damage.

Metal Roofs Are Termite Resistant

Homeowners in Queensland are well aware of the danger of wood eating termites. We protect our homes through installing termite meshes and having annual termite inspections. Another benefit of installing a metal roof is that unlike other roof types, it will greatly reduce the risk of having a termite infestation infiltrate your roof.

  • Metal roofs are better sealed than tiled ones as tiled roofs have gaps under each tile providing easy access for termites to enter.
  • Metal roofing offers fewer ingress points. New metal roofing sheets are laid on top of each other, leaving no gap for termites to enter.
  • Metal roofs normally have roof sarking which is the layer that sits between your roof itself and the ceiling. This provides an additional layer of protection from termites.

Metal Roofs Protect From Extreme Weather

Another benefit of metal roofing is that it is easily able to stand up to the harsh weather conditions we face in Queensland. Extremely hot temperatures and heavy rain does not affect the integrity of a metal roof. In storm season we get regular thunderstorms that include heavy rain, strong winds and very often lightning strikes. The assumption that lightning is more likely to strike a metal roof is simple untrue in fact the opposite is true. The Building Design and Construction Network says this:

‘A metal roof will not make lightning more likely to strike, but it may make a lightning strike less dangerous if it occurs.’

You can read more about lightning and metal roofs strikes here:

Metal Roofs Are Energy Efficient

Installing a metal roof will save energy and save you money. Rather than trapping heat the metal sheets actually reflect it which in turn makes your home cooler and reduces the need to use as much air conditioning. Metal also has a good recycling resale value so if you ever decide to update your roof, you can sell the metal rather than it going into landfill.

Metal Roofs Are Lightweight And Simple To Install

Unlike other roof types, metal is relatively light and easy to install. It is also cost- effective as you will not have to add extra support to your roof to support it. Always hire a professional roofer to install your metal roof; ensure they are experienced, insured and QBCC registered roofers. They will install or repair a metal roof quickly so it is safe, looks great and built to last.

Are Metal Roofs Too Noisy?

A professionally installed metal roof will not make the rain sound any louder than any other type of roof. Always get your metal roof installed by professionals as metal roofs installed by amateurs often have problems with fasteners that are incorrectly attached. If the fasteners have been attached incorrectly and are loose, this allows the metal roof to shift enough to make noise in certain weather conditions.

Adding a thick layer of insulation will also reduce any noise heard below the roof. Find out more here about insulating your metal roof.

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