Broken tiles, rusting roof, or leaks?

Patios Brisbane

Patio Installation, Upgrades & Repairs Brisbane

Our experienced Patios Brisbane Installation, Upgrades & Repairs team can help.We provide top-notch patio installation, upgrade & repairs across Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and surrounding areas.

Need a patio installation, upgrades & repairs?We’re Patio Installation, Upgrades & Repairs Brisbane Specialists

We’re patio installation, upgrades & repairs specialists, a team of tradespersons and inspectors who care about keeping our customers safe by ensuring their patio are in excellent condition. We’re big on the belief that healthy homes start at the top, so we partner with you for anything patio related — from simple maintenance jobs to full patio installations, patio upgrades & repairs Brisbane.

Why Choose Us For Your Patio Installation, Upgrades & Repairs Brisbane

Trained & Qualified to Work At Heights

You can feel confident engaging our team to complete your roof repairs or roof maintenance. Our team is trained and qualified to work at heights.

A Safety-First Approach

Safety is paramount. We endeavour to keep our team safe as well as you, your family, and your home by taking the correct safety precautions.

Specialised Tools & Equipment

We have the correct tools and equipment to complete excellent roof repairs and maintenance. Rely on our team to perfect your roof repairs.

Transparency With Cost

We know price is important. We’re transparent with you around installation cost and other costs. You’ll receive an initial quote and will be informed ahead of time if we’ll need to charge more.


Licensed & Insured

Our team holds all the correct licenses and insurances to work on your roof safely and securely. It allows us to protect our team and your home.


Clear Communication

Count on us for clear and thorough communication. You’ll understand exactly what’s happening at every stage of your roof maintenance or repair.

Avoid Patio Installation Problems With Routine Patio Installation, Upgrades & Repairs in Brisbane

Neglected commercial patio roof will eventually require repairs. In our experience working with patio roofs, we’ve found that without the correct maintenance completed, your patio roof will likely need a repair every 5-10 years. By having your patio roof checked, cleaned, and maintained routinely, you can avoid those costly patio roof repairs Brisbane and restorations.

Our Maintenance Services Prevent Leaks & Damage

Proper maintenance ensures longevity for your patio. However, it’s also the best way to prevent damage and leaks in your patio. We can spot small issues and fix these up before they become a big patio leak or a larger patios problem.

Patio Installation, Upgrades & Repairs Brisbane Specialists

When you need a Patio Replacement service, Installation & Repairs Brisbane, whether for your home or business, it can be quite stressful, particularly if that damage has travelled down to your ceiling and is affecting your home or business. Whether it’s a broken tile, a leaky roof, or rusted metal, our team of tradespersons can repair your home or business’ roof.

Healthy Homes Start At The Top.Book Your Free Patio Health Check Today.

We’ll have someone from our team come out and inspect your patio. You’ll receive a free quote, detailing any required repairs and we’ll chat with you about the urgency of each item.

Patio Installation, Upgrades & Repairs Brisbane: Our FAQs

How do I know if I need a patio repair?

Water damage and leaks are usually the biggest signs that your patio may need a repair. Some more subtle signs that your patio may need a repair are cracked, rusty, clogged, and any signs of moisture in your patio.

The age of your patio comes into this too. If your patio is approaching the 10-year mark and hasn’t had a restoration or repair in that time, we recommend getting a health check for it.

What is patio maintenance? What will you do?

Patio maintenance is where we clean, treat, and make small repairs to your roof to increase its longevity.

There are so many different things we might complete to maintain your patio. It always starts with a general check over and clean. However, depending on the state of your patio, there are a few different treatments or repairs we might complete to keep your patio nice and healthy.

What sort of patio can you repair?

We specialise in patio repairs for residential and commercial buildings. However, we’re highly experienced and knowledgeable patio professionals. If you’re not sure if we can repair your patio, get in touch with our friendly team.

How can I work out where my patio leak is coming from?

You may be able to walk outside and visually inspect your patio from ground level. You might find a clear indication of what’s happened, such as a fallen tree or something penetrating your patio. However, often, it can be tricky to find the source of a leak.

Our professionals may need to use thermal imaging technology to find the water source.

Are you insured to work on my patio?

Yes, of course. We make sure both our team and you and your home are protected with the relevant insurances.

Healthy Homes Start At The Top.Book Your Free Patio Health Check Today.

We’ll have someone from our team come out and inspect your patio. You’ll receive a free quote, detailing any required repairs and we’ll chat with you about the urgency of each item.

Patios Brisbane

Do you want to build a patio for your home? Do you think it’s time for a patio upgrade? Do you have a leak in your patio roof that needs repair? No matter what your patio needs, our team at Roof Co Group is here to help you every step of the way.

The Supreme Go-To Company for Patios Brisbane

At Roof Co Group, we deliver results when you need them. We are QBCC-licensed specialist patio builders and patio roof repairers that will prioritize your home no matter what. We can promise to deliver fast turnarounds and your ultimate satisfaction. For your new or upgraded quality patio in Brisbane, contact Roof Co Group for all your needs.

Our Services

New Patio Installations

If you’re deciding whether or not to have a patio, here are some good reasons to have one. First, a patio can add space to your home. It can also complement the existing design of your home. Having a patio means having a pleasant outdoor area where you can spend time reading and relaxing or entertaining guests. Patios are also very practical, especially for smaller spaces. As a ground-level extension, there is no need for railings, creating a flowing area. No worries about feeling enclosed!

We understand that every home’s patio needs are different. For example, some may want extra space for entertaining while others may simply want extra sun protection. Whatever your needs and desires, you can be sure that we can build you a patio that’s perfect for you! Here are some types of patios that we can install:

Flyover Patio. This patio design has become more popular with homeowners over the years. Elevated above your gutter line, this design creates airflow and extra height. The additional height gives the feeling of a bigger space and allows more natural lighting to filter through. This type of patio can be built with insulated and non-insulated roofing materials. If you long for the feeling of a bigger space and extra light, this option is ideal for you. 

Flat/Skillion – Insulated Patio. If you want a patio that is substantially cooler during summer, this is the patio type for you. This design allows you to install lights and ceiling fans and is a great option if you are thinking of turning the area into a room later. With all the options for non-insulated roofing, this design offers a low-maintenance yet high-quality patio area with a choice of colours that can match your house.

Skillion – Non-Insulated Patio. One of our most popular designs, this patio type creates extra space and provides the ceiling height you need. Our roofing comes in various colours and finishes to complement your home.

Gable Patio. To create your desired look in a gable patio, we can use different designs and materials. A gable design gives extra space, height, and airflow, making it perfect for the summer months. We can use insulated and non-insulated roofing depending on your preferred look and style. 

Patio Roof Leak Detection & Repair

Oh, how stressful a patio roof leak can be, especially when it causes damage to your home. Our team of specialists can identify the roof leaks in your patio and make the repairs to keep water at bay. We offer an obligation-free inspection and quotation, whether you are in Brisbane, Logan, or the Ipswich Areas. Our qualified inspectors are equipped with the knowledge and experience to give a free comprehensive inspection and quote for fast resolution.

Why Choose Us for Roof Leak Repairs?

  • Trained & Qualified to Work at Heights. You can trust the Roof Co Group team to keep ourselves and your home safe by following regulations. 
  • Safety First. Working on roofs comes with safety hazards. You can trust us to keep safe by taking a safety-first approach in everything we’ll do.
  • Specialised Tools & Equipment. To provide quality workmanship, we have all the proper tools and equipment. You can trust our reliable team to get the job done.
  • Transparency with Cost. With openness and honesty as two of our core values, we’ll give you a detailed quotation before we begin working so you’ll know beforehand how much the repair will cost. If the cost is slated to change, we’ll let you know immediately.
  • Licensed & Insured. We have all the important and relevant licenses and insurance to provide you with an excellent roofing service and to keep your family and your home safe.
  • Clear, Constant Communication. We make sure you can count on us and that you’re free of worries by clearly communicating with you at every stage.

Existing Patio Upgrades

If you have an existing patio that requires renovation, we can help you. A main part of our work is diagnosing structural damage. Whether your patio is broken, rotten, or affected by termites, our patio repair experts can fix everything for you.  We take pride in our years of industry experience and satisfied clients. We deliver the best results within the promised timescale while remaining within budget. 

Aside from fixing damages, we also have a wealth of experience when it comes to patio designs and features. Whether you want a practical, space-conscious patio or a sprawling one that makes the most of a larger yard, our team has ideas for your unique situation. Your ideas will also be given utmost importance, and we’ll listen to your vision for your patio area. At the end of the day, the goal is to have a patio design that you’ll love for years to come. 

Want to Know More About Us?

Formerly known as Roof Leak Services, Roof Co Group is a QBCC-licensed roofing and building contractor. A member of Master Builders, we perform roofing, guttering, and installation solutions in Southern Queensland. Based in Brisbane with over 50 years of experience, we provide top-quality service to the Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, and Gold Coast areas.

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Our mission is to provide the highest level of products, services, and workmanship so our customers will go home with 100% satisfaction. Contact us today for your patio roof repairs, patio installations or upgrades, and other repair/building services!