Solar Panel Cleaning Brisbane

Don’t let dirty solar panels limit the sun’s energy you could be capturing! Roof Co Group is your expert when it comes to residential and commercial Solar Panel Cleaning. Contact us today to get a fast and hassle-free quote to have your panels looking and performing like new!

We provide quality Solar Panel Cleaning to Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Redlands, Gold Coast & surrounding areas.

Are your Solar Panels dirty & in need of a professional clean?

Our team of experts have the know-how and specialised commercial-grade equipment to provide a superior quality clean to your Solar Panels and get them working to their full potential. Dirty and poorly maintained Solar Panels will partially block the sun and decrease the amount of energy that your solar panels absorb by anywhere up to 50%. Clean Solar Panels working at optimal performance will pay for themselves by significantly cutting your electricity bill and saving your hard-earned money.

We provide our clients in Brisbane Solar Panel Cleaning services they can bank on. We also service Ipswich, Logan, Redlands, Gold Coast & surrounding areas.

Clean Solar Panels save you money!

Maintaining and cleaning your Solar Panels regularly is an essential part of your property’s general maintenance that should not be overlooked. Just because they are out of reach and out of sight does not mean they should be forgotten. It has been proven that Solar Panels should be professionally cleaned every 6-12 months, dependant on your surrounding environment, to keep them functioning at their full capacity.


Why should you engage a professional Solar Panel Cleaning company to clean your solar panels?

It is not recommended to clean your own Solar Panels if you are not competent to do so. Our specialised Solar Panel Cleaners have all the necessary working at heights safety equipment and are highly trained in working at heights to ensure each job is completed in a safe manner. Using the correct products and specialised equipment is also crucial to prevent damaging your Solar Panels.

solar panel cleaning service
solar panel cleaning roof co group
Solar Panel Cleaning close up of solar panels
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Solar Panel Cleaning Brisbane
solar panel cleaning roof co group
Solar Panel Cleaning close up of solar panels
solar panel cleaning house
solar panel cleaning team member

Why Choose Roof Co Group For Your Solar Panel Cleaning Brisbane?

Experience, expertise, and professionalism are what make us the right choice for all your roofing needs. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:


Our team is comprised of experts who are trained and qualified to work at heights, ensuring that all roof repairs and maintenance are completed safely and efficiently.


We take safety seriously and prioritise the safety of our team, your family, and your home by adhering to strict safety protocols.


We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure that your roof repairs and maintenance are done to the highest standard.


We understand the importance of transparency when it comes to costs. Our initial quote will clearly outline all costs, and we will inform you ahead of time if any additional charges are required.


Our team holds all necessary licenses and insurances to provide you with peace of mind while we work on your roof.


We value clear communication. Our team will keep you informed at every stage of your roof repair or maintenance project, ensuring that you always know what is happening.

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Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance: Your FAQs Answered

What Does Solar Panel Cleaning Involve?

Many solar power systems do not operate at their maximum efficiency due to having dirty solar panels, Solar Panel Cleaning involves using Solar Panel safe cleaning solutions and and methods to remove mould and dirt from your panels, and install solutions for deterring vermin and other animals from damaging them. We don’t use harsh chemicals, we only use chemicals & cleaning equipment that’s solar module safe, this ensures we won’t damage your system during the service. If you’ve not had your Solar Panels cleaned or checked in the last 6 months, we invite you to get in touch with the Roof Co team for free roof inspection.

How Often Should I Have My Solar Panels Cleaned?

To ensure the best results from our Solar Panel Cleaning services, we recommend having them cleaned every six months. Additionally, we suggest cleaning them around spring and autumn, as this will ensure your roof, panels are ready to make the most of the sunlight hours and in good condition ahead of storm season in Brisbane and South East Queensland. If you live on a farm or your building is in a high-development area, you may require more frequent Solar Panel Cleaning due to increased dirt and debris. Neglecting the cleaning of your solar panels allows environmental factors like dirt, dust, grime, bird droppings, lichen, and salt air to diminish their capacity to function at peak efficiency. This can result in elevated power bills.

Can You Provide Additional Roof Services While You’re Here?

Of course. Our roofing experts will assess your roof while cleaning your Solar Panels, and they will inform you of any repairs needed. If you want to have something else on your roof checked or repaired, we can certainly do that for you.

Why Should I Hire a Professional to Clean My Solar Panels?
The main reason for hiring a professional Solar Panel cleaner is safety. Our team is trained and qualified to work at heights, and we ensure our safety while cleaning your roof. We also have the right equipment and expertise to clean your Solar Panels correctly without damaging them. By investing in Solar Panel Cleaning services, you are maximising the benefits of your system while staying safe. We’ve helped thousands of residents just like you with all their solar power needs for a very reasonable cost.

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In Need of Residential or Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning?

Whether your Solar Panels are on top of your home or on top of your business, don’t let dirt and debris keep your energy bills high! We offer our Solar Panel Cleaning & maintenance services across Brisbane, as well as services related to all things roofing in Logan, Ipswich and surrounding areas. Get in touch by clicking the button below, or contacting us on 07 3297 5729 or [email protected] for a free health check. You’ll get a detailed quote via satellite imaging before we begin work. Book a professional solar panel clean today!