Find A Reputable Roofing Company


Homeowners and landlords understand that roofs need regular maintenance to keep everything underneath watertight and secure. No one wants to receive unexpected bills when accidents, bad weather or even just normal wear and tear happens. Luckily here in South East Queensland, there are plenty of reputable roofing companies ready to lend a hand when required. Unfortunately there are plenty more disreputable companies and cowboy roofers that give the rest of us in the business a bad name. It’s important that the general public know what to look out for when researching roofing companies to hire to fix your home’s roof.

Find a reputable roofing company.

  1. QBCC Registered

Make sure they are QBCC registered. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission was established in 1991 to regulate the building industry ensuring proper standards are maintained and protecting public safety. Click here for more information.

“The QBCC supports the growing Queensland community by providing information, advice and regulation to ensure the maintenance of proper building standards and remedies for defective building work. By doing this we promote confidence in the building and construction industry. “

Hiring a QBCC registered business will give you confidence that the company has acquired the correct licenses and qualifications and employs qualified and experienced staff to carry out the work. They will also have provided annual evidence to the QBCC that they are fully insured and up to date with all health and safety requirements.



  1. Insurance

If the business is not QBCC registered, then ask for evidence that the business you wish to use are fully insured with a minimum of $20 million Public Liability Insurance. It is essential that businesses are fully insured so that if something does go wrong, then they are fully insured against the risk of damage to property and personal injury. It is much preferable to be safe than sorry and any legitimate company will be very happy to put your mind at ease by showing proof of insurance.


  1. Online Presence

Yes, any company can create a website and have a social media presence but take a closer look. Does it look professional with quality content regularly created? Do they sound knowledgeable about roofing, and do they interact with their followers? Are there examples of recent work completed? A legitimate business understands that their online presence is their shop window and that potential customers want to see examples of quality work.

Online reviews are another way to check out a potential business. Google reviews and other reviews sites will give you a general overall view of the business, but it is important to read the reviews carefully- not all are always honest or fair- but if there is a negative review read the business’s response to ascertain whether it is genuine and how the business handled it- did they offer a solution to rectify the problem?

  1. Quotations


When getting any work done, it is imperative to get a minimum of three quotes so you have an overall view of how much the work should cost. Cheapest is very often not the best option and where you might be saving in the long term very often you will pay more down the line when a cheap, rushed job is not completed to the best standard. If you are offered a quote that is far below the average of the other two or more quotes, then buyer must beware. A legitimate company will have certain costs to cover that should be reflected in the quote such as insurance, licenses, fair pay for employees, quality products as well as years of experience and expertise.



Why Choose ‘Roof Co Group’ For Roof Repair In Brisbane, Ipswich And Logan?


  • QBCC Registered.
  • $20 Million Public Liability and All Relevant Insurances.
  • Product and Workmanship Warranties.
  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Quality Workmanship.
  • Quality Roofing Products used.
  • 50+ Years’ Experience and Knowledge in the Roofing Industry.
  • Compliant with Occupational Health & Safety & Australian Standards.




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