Ventilation Is Key


Queenslanders understand the importance of finding cost-effective ways to keep our homes cool and we are experts in surviving hot temperatures. Undoubtedly air conditioning is the most effective way to cool a home however it is expensive to install and the large electricity costs to run it makes it an expensive commodity. It makes sense to utilise other home cooling solutions that are cheaper to install and run or are free but also very effective at keeping our homes cooler in summer.

It helps to have a plan and target areas in your house where heat is trapped in your home. One of the main areas where heat is trapped is within the roof, luckily there are a few solutions to cooling this problem area.


Install A Whirlybird

Whirlybirds are a cost-effective way to cool your roof space as they are not overly expensive to install and do not use electricity but wind power also making them environmentally friendly. They remove a significant amount of heat from your home whilst reducing moisture and improving ventilation and airflow. Whirlybirds, also known as ‘turbine vents’, are a type of semi-mechanical vent that can be installed on the roof of a property to help to remove heat and ventilate the roof cavity.


Whirlybirds Are A Cost Effective Way To Cool Your Home. 

  • Remove heat
  • Reduce Moisture
  • Improve ventilation and air flow

The number of whirlybirds required on a roof to be most effective depends on the size of the home. For instance, an average sized one-to-two-bedroom home would require two whirlybirds installed whereas a four-to-five-bedroom home would require four whirlybirds to create the best ventilation and airflow in the home. A professional roofing company would be able to assess how many and where the whirlybirds should be placed to give you best value for money while creating a cooler home.

For more information about whirlybirds click here.


Insulate Loft Walls

The Australian Government advises, ‘Installing insulation in a new dwelling or adding insulation to an existing one can make a significant difference to the comfort and energy performance of the home, but it is vital that the insulation is put in correctly.’ By making sure your attic area is fully insulated you will limit how much heat gets into the home while also preventing it from escaping to the rooms below.

Invest In Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are cheaper than air conditioning to install run as unlike air con, they are very energy efficient. Place them in high use areas and once installed they will do a good job of keeping a busy area in your house cool.

Other Top Tips Include 

-Flush Out Hot Air in the Evenings. By opening air vents and windows at night, colder air will circulate with the air fans.


-Close the Blinds. During the day close blinds and curtains to keep the sunlight and heat out.


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