Protect Your Roof In Queensland

Your home is usually your greatest financial asset and therefore needs to be well- maintained to protect your investment. The roof is the arguably the most valuable part of a home as it is the first line of defence against the extreme weather of South East Queensland. Regular maintenance will ensure that your roof will last for many years, however it will eventually need a full roof restoration completed to keep it in the best condition possible. If you are thinking about selling your property, a fully restored roof will give perspective buyers assurance that the home is in excellent condition as well as adding value if it is visually appealing to buyers.

Restore Your Roof To Its Former Glory

A roof restoration is a sure-fire way to ensure your roof will last for many more years without the need for a full roof replacement. An experienced and trustworthy roofing company will inform you when your roof requires a full restoration as opposed to a quick fix or a full roof replacement. A roof restoration will restore a roof to its former glory without the expense of replacement and will ensure that the roof is fit for purpose for many years to come. As a rough guide, if your tiled roof is over 10 years old and is looking tired then requesting a roofing expert’s professional opinion to check your roof’s well-being is a sensible idea. Just like any other service in your home like balustrades or plumbing, get a professional to help. Check out our blog on hiring a roofing contractor in Brisbane here.



Roof Restoration Is A Process

The size of a roof restoration project will differ from roof to roof, depending on the roof type, age and level of decline in the roof’s condition but a quality roofer should provide the best and most cost-effective plan for restoring your roof. For a standard tiled roof there is usually a six-step process that is followed.


  1. Replace cracked or broken tiles on the roof.
  2. Thoroughly pressure clean the roof to remove dirt, mould and the chalky, oxidised coating.
  3. Apply a mould treatment to prevent future mould from forming on the roof.
  4. Re-point ridges and caps. For more information on re-pointing see our blog post on ‘Does your roof need re-pointing and how to tell.’
  5. Apply a thick layer of sealer/ primer coat to the roof to ensure good penetration that the topcoat can cling to.
  6. Apply 2 or 3 (depending on tile porosity) coats of specialised acrylic membrane roof coating. Your roofer will provide a colour chart of a variety of roof coating colours to choose from and will be able to discuss and advise on which colour will suit your roof type.




Roof Restoration Goals

Once this process is complete not only will your roof will be aesthetically pleasing and have added value to your home but it will keep you and your loved ones safe from rain and stormy weather. The added advantage is that the smart new look will also be the envy of your neighbours!


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