Roof Leak Detection and Roof Leak Repairs

Roof Leak Detection

We know how stressful a roof leak can be, especially when it is causing damage to your property. Our team of specialist will identify your leak and making the repairs required to keep the water at bay. Roof Co Group offers an obligation free inspection and quotation for Brisbane, Logan, and Ipswich Areas.

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We’ll have someone from our team come out and inspect your roof. You’ll receive a free quote, detailing any required repairs and we’ll chat with you about the urgency of each item.

Do You Have A Leak In Your Roof ?
We Are Your Roof Leak Detection Experts

We understand a new leak can become a stressful situation very quickly, that is why our team here at Roof Co Group have qualified Inspectors that are equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive free inspection and quote for a speedy resolution.

As you know, identifying the cause of a leaking roof is challenging as the flow-on effect of the leak is often not at the origin of water ingress. However, we have the roofing experience for both Metal roofs and Tiled roofs to rectify all leaks in residential, commercial and industrial environments while striving to prevent leaking roof recurrence.

Why Choose Us For Your Roof Leak Repairs

Trained & Qualified to Work At Heights

You need to know you can trust your roofing company to keep themselves safe, when they are following regulations. We’re trained and qualified to work at heights.

A Safety-First Approach

Working on roofs comes with a variety of safety hazards. We prioritise safety when we work on your home and take a safety-first approach in everything we do.

Specialised Tools & Equipment

We have all the correct tools and equipment we need to provide you with quality workmanship. You can trust our team will get the job done.

Transparency With Cost

We’re open and honest, You’ll receive a detailed quotation before we begin work and if the cost is slated to change, we’ll let you know.


Licensed & Insured

Our team carries all the correct licenses and insurances to provide you with a top notch roofing service and to keep you, your family, and your home safe.


Clear Communication

You need a roofing company you can rely on. We make sure you can count on us by providing second to none service and communicating clearly with you at every stage.

There Are A Few Different Causes Of Leaking Roofs

Roof leak repairs aren’t just about finding the leak and patching it up. To avoid repeat repairs and further damage to your roof and home, we need to get to the bottom of it. We’ll do this using our knowledge of roofing and our modern thermal imaging equipment, which helps us find water in your ceiling.


Poor Design

Your roof needs the correct guttering, downpipe system, and pitch height to drain water efficiently and effectively. Without this, water will collect on top of your roof, causing pooling water and subsequent roof leaks.


Insufficient Maintenance

To avoid water pooling on your roof and causing leaks and water damage, it’s essential your roof is draining properly. It’s important to keep your roof, guttering, and downpipes clear for effective drainage.



The right combination of hail storms, strong winds, and an ageing roof can lead to a damaged roof and subsequent leaks. We absolutely recommend getting a roof health check every 10 years to keep your roof spick and span.



Up keeping the maintenance to your home is detrimental to the overall health of your roof, not maintaining your general roof maintenance could lead to water ingress and possible damage to your home.

You Can Prevent Roof Leaks By Having Your Roof Properly Maintained

We don’t just diagnose and repair roof leaks. We also offer roofing maintenance. Our team is passionate about the importance of roof maintenance and the benefits it provides. You can prevent damage and leaks in your roof through correct roof maintenance.

Residential or Commercial Roof Leak Specialists

A roof leak in your home can be so stressful and lead to large discomfort for you and your family. Often that escaping water can become dangerous too. A roof leak in your business can be just as disastrous though, leading to closed doors and lost revenue. Our team is here to help both homeowners and business owners to get your roof leaks repaired.

Roof Leak Repairs: Our FAQs

How do I know if my roof leak is bad?

Inspect the ceiling around the leak. If you’re noticing mould or algae, that’s not a good sign. Nor are water stains on the ceiling or a sagging ceiling that looks like water is pooling above it.

It can be pretty tricky to assess how damaged your roof is without the correct tools and roof knowledge. We recommend calling a professional roofing company as soon as you can — no matter how bad the leak seems.

What can I do while I wait for your team to arrive?

We don’t recommend doing too much. We know a roof leak is stressful but it’s important not to get on top of your roof or even into the ceiling while you wait. We recommend getting a bucket to catch the leak and visually inspecting your ceiling to ensure there’s no pooling water in your ceiling.

Can you provide roof leak advice?

We absolutely can. Give our team a call to talk through your roof leak, damage, or any general roofing concern you may have.

How We Detect & Repair Roof Leaks



Get in touch with our team and we’ll provide you with some personalised advice for your roof leak. We’ll be transparent with you about the urgency of the repair as well.


Book your Free Health Check

You can either book us in to come out as soon as we can or if your leak is less urgent, you can take advantage of our free roof health check.

Cost Estimate

Once we’ve inspected the leak, you’ll receive a free and itemised cost estimate for your roof leak repair.

Prompt Roof Leak Repair

Once you’ve accepted our quote, our tradesperson will promptly repair your roof with the finest workmanship and attention to detail.

Healthy New Roof

You can sit comfortably, knowing your roof is healthy and in tip top condition.

Healthy Homes Start At The Top.
Book Your Free Roof Health Check Today.

We’ll have someone from our team come out and inspect your roof. You’ll receive a free quote, detailing any required repairs and we’ll chat with you about the urgency of each item.