Using Thermal Imaging To Find Leaks

Technology has greatly advanced over the years and has innovated many industries including the roofing industry. The tricky job of finding roof leaks has always been better left to professional roofers and now the ability to utilise state of the art thermal imaging /infrared technology for finding leaks in roofs has been a game changer for some. Of course, technology can never replace good old fashioned experience and eye for detail but it does make the job quicker and more cost effective for both roofing company and customer. Thermal Imaging cameras have become an essential part of the Roof Co Group tool kit for finding the source hidden leaks in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Logan.



Benefits Of Using Thermal Imaging For Finding Leaks In Roofs.

  • Records exterior property heat loss and damp detection.
  • The thermal imaging camera detects moisture in ceilings, flat roofs and behind walls.
  • It covers large areas quickly.
  • It is a leak detection method that is non-destructive, with minimum disruption and no damage to your roof or property.


How Do Thermal Imaging Cameras Work?

Thermal imaging cameras record light as heat and can depict this as an image.  We cannot see infrared energy (thermal) as a light, but we can sense it as heat. Thermal imaging cameras identify minute differences in temperature on the surface of assorted materials, with different colours highlighting the warmer and the colder surface areas. It is from these pictures that our roof leak detection experts can work out where the source of the leak is originating.


Thermal Imaging In Queensland.

Did you know that we have the optimum warm/hot climate in South- East Queensland for performing thermal imaging leak detection inspections on your roof? We utilise air conditioning to cool down our building’s interiors and therefore the water used in testing is also cooler therefore creating a greater difference in temperature. A bigger range of differences in temperature will ensure that a better quality of thermal image is generated for the inspector to use.


Quality Roof Leak Finding In Brisbane.

Roof Co Group prides ourselves in providing our customers with experienced highly trained roofing inspectors who know exactly what to look for and how to find a hidden leak. The use of thermal imaging cameras for difficult to find or access leaks are an added bonus and ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible and outcomes.

Roof leaks can be tricky to find as although the water might be seeping through one part of your ceiling, the actual source of the leak could be meters away. Using thermal imaging technology to find roof leaks provides peace of mind because they are assured that the leak source has been found and repair reducing the risk of future monetary outlay.

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