Learning About Roofs

Roofing is more than just a job to everyone at Roof Co, it might seem strange to some but we find them fascinating. There are so many cool things about roofs that you may or may not already know. Read on to find out more.

Is A Flat Roof Actually Flat?

Did you know that so called flat roofs are not actually flat but in fact there is a moderate slope of at least 6.35 millimetres.

Importance Of Roof Ventilation

Roofs need ventilation in order to breathe. Ventilation is extremely important as it allows warm moist air to escape and cooler, dry air to enter the attic area which in turn prevents a build up of damaging condensation.

Selling Your Home? Get Roof Ready.

Thinking of selling your home? Then make sure your roof is in tip top condition as broken roofs are a major red flag for potential home buyers. In Australia, professional buildings inspections are a common occurrence before buying a property and a roof in disrepair will not only potentially discourage a buyer from going ahead or a least lower the amount they are willing to pay for your home. According to Business Seek ‘A home inspection is part of a home purchase negotiation process. The seller carries out all necessary repairs before the transaction is closed.’

In order to make sure you get top dollar for your home ensure that the state of your roof gives no room for negotiation.

How To Find A Leak

Roof leaks are hard to spot. You might think you know where a roof leak is coming from but actually water travels and it is not uncommon for a roof leak entry point to be 20 feet away from where the water comes in on your home’s interior. Therefore it is not always as simple as climbing onto a roof and sealing an obvious hole. It is important that you hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof as they know exactly what to look for when spotting leak sites and the best way to fix them efficiently.

Lighter Roofs

Did you know that metal roofing materials are often lighter in weight than wood shingles?

Lightning Strikes Roofs

Here in Queensland we tend to get some spectacular lightning storms in the summer months. You might be under the impression that metal roofs are more prone to lightning strikes than other types of roofs, however, this is not the case. Lightning is equally drawn to other materials, not just metals. In fact because they are non-combustible, metal roofs can actually protect your home from lightning strikes.

Roof Weak Spots

Did you know that roof have common weak spots? The part of the roof that most often needs attention and is considered a weak spot is called the flashing. However, damaged shingles or damage in the waterproofing material which lays underneath the shingles are also common causes of roof leaks.

Roof Problems

A leak may be worrying for a homeowner especially if you were unaware of the problem for a long period of time. If caught early enough it may be a simple fix and may not mean that you will need to replace your entire roof. Unfortunately, if the leak has occurred over a long enough period of time without it being fixed, then there is likelihood that dry rot will have occurred meaning the roof will probably need replaced.

Roofing Experts Brisbane

Here at Roof Co Group, we are dedicated to fixing roof leaks in a prompt manner to expertly fix a problem before it becomes a major and expensive headache for the homeowner. Our dedicated roof inspectors will give you an honest appraisal of the roof’s condition and work with you to provide a cost- effective and timely solution.


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