Rainy Forecasts Mean Roof Repairs

Living in Queensland, Australia we are used to dealing with a variety of weather types from wild storms to heatwaves and long-lasting droughts.  Last summer we had a La Niña event which provided some necessary rain for our drought-stricken areas.  Early indications show that Summer 2021/2022 will feature another La Niña event bringing us more much-needed moisture to the area.

According to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) ‘The increased rainfall and cloudiness in the western Pacific associated with La Niña usually means above-average winter-spring rainfall for Australia, particularly across the east and north.  For more information on what a La Niña is and how it affects weather in Australia Click Here.

Structurally Sound Roofs

With extra rain this year, as well as a big storm season forecast in South East Queensland,   it is essential that we consider roof maintenance as the most important step in our preparations to get our homes storm and ‘Big Wet’ ready.   Roofs are our first line of defence when it comes to keeping both our families and also our homes which are usually our most valuable financial assets protected.  A well maintained, leak-free roof will keep your house structurally sound and prevent the possibility of water damage, damp and mould.

Get Your Roof  Storm Ready.

The Queensland Government ‘Get Ready’ website provides great advice and a handy checklist for getting your home prepared to emphasize that good home maintenance is key to preventing disaster.  – ‘Every home is different but there are always tasks you can do to maintain your home so it’s ready for the next natural disaster. If you are renting and notice something that needs rectifying, talk to your property manager or landlord about getting it fixed. Rectifying it now will save money in the long run.’

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Roof Inspections Are The Key To Safe Homes.

Sadly our staff at Roof Co Group have seen first hand the results of badly maintained roofs after a ‘Big Wet’ or storm event.  These events result in thousands of dollars in repairs for homeowners which could easily have been avoided had the initial problem been detected at an early stage.  Sometimes a roof may look fine from the outside but signs of damage are not always obvious, however, this is most definitely not a DIY task.  Regular wear and tear from being constantly exposed to the elements and changes in temperature guarantee that every roof in Queensland needs to be regularly inspected.

An inspection should always be completed by a professional roofing inspector who knows exactly what to look for and is also fully insured and experienced in performing this dangerous job. Catching a roof leak early will stop a bigger, more expensive roofing problem from developing and therefore it will save you financially as well as giving you peace of mind that your home and its contents are safe and secure whatever the weather brings!

Key Points

  • Be aware that regular roof maintenance is extremely important.
  • Ensure only an insured, qualified, experienced professional roofing Inspector inspects your roof
  • Regular Roof inspections will save future financial heartache by detecting any potential problems early.

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